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Enjoy a day pheasant and partridge hunting in France, in Picardie, close to Paris, Amiens 80, Beauvais 60, Rouen 76, Evreux 27.

Battue. Partridge and pheasant shoots in Picardie.

La ferme de la Loge is a farming business in Flavacourt conveniently situated close to l’Eure, Seine Maritime and Val d’Oise counties. The 270 acres of land all adjacent are composed of a patchwork of ecosystems shaped by passionate small game hunters over a period of three generations.

We suggest you come and spend some time with us at the Ferme de la Loge and enjoy a day of partridge and pheasant hunting in a convivial atmosphere and setting dedicated to your passion. Your hosts Antoine and Sebastien are farmers and have always been hunters.


The hunting fields cover over 220 acres of culture of which 52 acres are jachere (moha, lucerne dactyl, fetuque, oats, cabbage, buckwheat) 14 acres of Christmas tree plantations, studded with 50 acres of woodlands, fallow land and copses spread over the whole property. The land borders the Thelle forest for 2 km. You can go rough shooting every day of the week until the closure of the hunting season which is the end of February.


The farm is situated close to Gisors and Chaumont en Vexin in the "Vexin" one hour from the west of Paris, half an hour from Beauvais, Beauvais-Tillé Airport  and Cergy Pontoise and one hour from Amiens and Rouen.


Please contact + 33 6 81 33 33 65 Antoine  

This biodiversity is further enriched with plains and valleys allowing high shots. The territory of "La Loge is the ideal setting for a days hunting either rough shooting, beating or pick-up, high-flying pheasants hunting...

The patchwork of various plantations makes for an exciting days hunting from start to finish.

To let you make the most of your day hunting pheasants and partridges masses of various grasses, jachere (moha, lucerne dactyl, fetuque, oats, cabbage, buckwheat)have been sown over 52 acres of the territroy. These different types of grasses are especially adapted for rough shooting and dog picking, as they are a reasonable height and allow you to see your dog hunting right through until the end of the season end of February.

The 14 acres of christmas trees allow you to carry on training your dogs even out of the official season.

Several strips of maize (50 strips over 18 acres) have been planted to enable pheasant and partridge beating beginning of next season.

For the opening of 2017/2018 seasonFor t we are developping more jachere for coursing and maize strips for beating to make the hunting ground even bigger.



We do our utmost to propose a good days hunting as in the old days with flying game, a warm welcome and good food


Votre journée de chasse en Picardie, à la Loge.

Your day hunt at La Loge in Picardie, France

We welcome you at "la loge" at 9 am for breakfast.

Lunch and tea are served in the large hall in our 18th century farmhouse. Meals are all cooked using local produce.

We can change menus to meet your taste.

We can suggest accomodation nearby or in our cottage




Beat hunting

Hunting in groups of 8 to 12 people. The hunters are placed.

Possibility to take part in the beating with your dogs. Our varied hunting ground

will enable you to make some very pleasant battues as pictured in small game hunts of long ago.

Our beaters and their dogs will collect the game.


Prestige hunting


Hunting in groups of 8 to 12 people. The hunters are placed.

Our beaters and their dogs will collect the partridges and pheasants.

There is plenty of small game allowing you many shots on our hunting ground which is perfectly adapted for pleasant battues


Rough shooting

The classical hunt with dogs. Stop dog or collect dog, alone or with a group. The sort of hunt where you feel completely

at home to spend some pleasant time with your friends and dogs.

 We will guide you across our varied territory so that you can shoot partridges and pheasants from plots of jachere, christmas tree plantations, woods, fallow land and plains.   The size and variety of our territory will enable you and the people accompagnying you to shoot peacefully (no other groups close by). You can come alone with your dog.


If you have any special requirements please let us know. We are at your disposal to give you a tailor made service.

Personalize your day. If you wish to take part in an organized battue please contact us 06 81 33 33 65 or by email antoine …….. 



9H      Tea, Coffee, Cakes, home made charcuterie, bread and butter and home made jam.  

9H 30/10 h  Reminder of rules and start of hunt. 

12 H 30 approx. End of morning hunt and lunch.  We prefer traditional home made french cuisine made from high quality local produce. The meal is comprised of  aperitif, starter, main course, cheese and desert - drinks included (wine or cider)                

Then set off for afternoons hunt

17 h or 18 h End of day according to hunting laws. Distribution of trophies and various refreshments


Rates - tax included

A mix of partridge/pheasant is proposed for these services



If you wish to take part in an organized battue please contact us 06 81 33 33 65 or by email …….. 


 This is the new rates for 2022/2023 :


Type of shooting              Number of guns                           Maximum n° of game per gun           Price        

Rough shooting                                1 - 10 people                                   7-8                                  285 Euros       

Traditional beating                          8-  12 hunters                                   10                           1)    360 €  from Opening to 15th of December

                                                                                                                                                                  20 Euros / exceeding bird

                                                                                                                                                        2)   400 Euros from 15th of December to 28th of February

                                                                                                                                                                   25 Euros/ exceeding bird 

Prestige beating                             8-12 hunters     Choose the base 1) or 2) and add the number of birds you want more.               

   exemple: Beat before 15th of December.   You choose 20 pieces/hunter.    Base 1) 360 euros+10 piecesx20 euros= 560 Euros/hunter

                     Beat after   15th of December. You choose 25 pieces/hunter .     Base 2) 400 euros+15pieces x25 euros= 775 euros/hunter 


Additional person (not hunting)   35 €


We also offer half days shooting either morning or afternoon :


Rough shooting                                 1-10 people                                       4-5                                 175 € 

breakfast 10 €   lunch 25 euros

For a full hunting day breakfast and lunch are included in the price



Where are you from ?

Come and visit our hunting ground on an " autogire "


Come and visit our hunting ground. Don't hesitate to contact us .

To contact us or book your shoot please fill in the form below.

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Pour venir à cette chasse à la journée, calculez votre itinéraire

To come for your days hunting you can calculate your route here


                                        To 81 La Loge 60590 Flavacourt


From Beauvais take direction Gisors. Turn right at traffic lights in La Houssoye then left towards La Bosse, Le Vaumain.

As you leave La Bosse turn right. At Flavacourt turn right at the church, direction Serifontaine. After 2 km turn right direction La Loge Lincourt 


From Gisors take direction Dieppe. Turn right at roundabout direction Flavacourt D22

At Flavacourt turn right at the church, direction Serifontaine. After 2 km turn right direction La Loge Lincourt 





Here there are no mustard fields or never ending strips of corn to make you lose sight of your dog. You will have the pleasure of seeing him find the partridges and pheasants and enjoying that special bonding you have with him.

The various sized christmas tree plantations and jachere enable you to keep an eye on your dog while he’s busy working.


The upkeep of our land is very important to us and we are always looking for ways to make the most of our hunting territory and improve the standards of our hunts.


We take note of the suggestions made to us by visiting hunters as we are very interested in your point of view.


We have chosen to repopulate our territory with birds bred in France, that fly well from the start. Thanks to the agrenoirs and water reserves spread over the territory the birds settle

 here and give you game which put up a good fight.










Hébergément        Accommodation

le gite de la loge    La loge cottage 

La loge cottage is a former outbuilding on the farms land, sleeps 6 to 8 people 3 épis or 3 star

The cottage can welcome you between 2 hunts or for  an evening with friends or colleagues, with your family for a weekend or for a holiday in the countryside 

You  can contact us via our site  gite - de ....... on contact page or by phone             06 86 75 14 41 Bernadette Douilly


Please find below details of other accommation close to our farm ……...

le Château de la Rapée   hôtel restaurant